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Find out what others are saying about Youngevity Products
and how it has made a difference in their lives.

Dale Abernathey-

Classic, Minerals, Ultimate Cal, EFA, Gluco-gel

I started with Youngevity because of the business opportunity. I started with the products because I don’t like to sell something I wouldn’t use myself. About two weeks I realized that my back pain was gone when I got up in the morning. Additionally, at work I do a lot of sitting. After sitting for a while, when I would walk, it would be like the proverbial old man walk for at least 30-40 steps. After two weeks on the minerals, the distance was down to five steps before I walked normally. Now after a year, I can get up and walk normally on the first step.

Bob Bell-

My wife, Judy, and I operate a small radio station inTexas. We air Dr. Wallach’s program “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie!” It was a natural step to use our unsold communication time to promote Youngevity Products. In less than six months we had so many people coming to the radio station to sign up that we were thrust into a full time business of managing, selling, enrolling, promoting, and distributing Youngevity products. Now we are looking toward helping our down line distributors establish full time businesses for themselves. All of this was not because we had planned for our own business to boom. It happened because people tried Youngevity Products, and found they worked! Then we could not stop the growth of our Youngevity business.

Gloria Bensen-

The first benefit I noticed after starting the Youngevity product was a dramatic increase in energy and elevated mood. Previous to taking colloidal minerals I suffered with migraines for 17 years. I was on a preventative, and still woke up 2x a month with severe migraines. Several other days in the month I was fighting them off with drugs. I even had the mitrex shot at home for when the drugs wouldn’t work. All testing showed normal. After three weeks of being on the minerals I realized I had not had to fight a migraine in a while. So I weaned myself off the preventatives. I haven’t had a migraine since, and it’s been over 2 ½ years. Praise God!

My gingivitis disappeared; no more bleeding gums!

Ted Bensen-

I exercise and jog regularly. As I was trying to get “to the next level”, my heart rate went down and started to skip beats. The Dr. said it was a pre-ventricular contraction- and if it gets worse to come back. Later , I reviewed this with a Dr. in my down line and found it was a mineral deficiency, and I was at risk. Since I have been on the minerals my heart has not missed a beat. Blood pressure has gone from 135/85 to 105/70. Beat that! I also get less joint pain.

Nancy Bollinger-

I have arthritis and fibromyalgia. The traditional doctors predicted that I would be in a wheelchair by now. I also had meningitis, which had affected my vision and balance. I would fall frequently, resulting in dislocated joints and broken bones. Since I have started taking the Youngevity products, I haven’t fallen once. My vision is back to normal. My arthritis and fibromyalgia are so much better. I’m able to have a regular life again. I had dreamed of having my own business for years. Through Youngevity I have been able to have this business and improve my health as well.

Randy Bollinger-

I have no real health challenges and I want to keep it that way. I lost both my parents to medical negligence in the last year and a half. So I won’t depend on the medical industry for anything more than “Repair Work” (trauma repair).

Jim Leaman-

Ultimate Healthy Start Pack

After two weeks on the product I slept through the night. I had not done that for at least three years. After 1 month I was required to sit cross-legged. Ten minutes later I realized it did not hurt. I sent a Healthy Start Pack to my mother for Christmas. She had been taking it for three weeks when the big quake hitSeattle. I called to see if everyone was okay, and without prompting my sister said, “Mom doesn’t need to use her cane as much now!” Also my son Joel had a golf ball sized tumor onJanuary 1, 2000. He was taking the Healthy Start Pack for three weeks before the Doctor stopped it. However, he was still allowed to have Natures Whey shake daily. After twelve weeks on chemotherapy his Doctor was unable to locate any cancer with the MRI.

Larry Borum-

I started using the Healthy Bone and Joint PackAugust 28,1999. Within ten days I was off the Lodine medications. I have since then added Ultimate Daily to my product intake. It has given me more energy and has also eliminated a problem I was having with my arms and hands going numb when I would lie down at night.

Charlie Boswell-

Natures Whey, Ferret Fat Pack, Resolution, Enzymes, Selenium, Invision

I started the Healthy Start Pack in March. In July I switched to the Fat Pack and I changed my diet. By November I had lost 28 lbs. and it stayed off.

Patti Clemts-

Big Healthy Start Pack, Selenium

Since 1988 I have suffered from him pain from a fall. It had become so painful that I could no longer take walks or exercise. I am an artist, and the last five years have been very difficult to work due to severe pain. I would have to take several aspirins or Advil just to be able to work. I started taking the products in July 2000. After six weeks the pain was 85% gone. Now after eight months I am pain free. Now that the pain is gone, I will concentrate on losing weight, and exercising. Thank you Dr. Wallach for giving me my health back!

Dr. Charles Connolly-

Duck Pack

I was a fat Type II Diabetic. I heard Dr. Wallach, and I started following his suggestions with the Duck Pack. Within two months I was off all medications. My weight went from a high of 268 to the current 225 pounds, and it continues to fall.

Bill Devlian-

Healthy Start Pack, OsteoCal

The products eliminated my psyrihosis, lowered my blood pressure, and eliminated pain from my bone spurs. It removed the gray from my hair, and I didn’t need to sleep as much. It greatly improved my energy, and eliminated my pain in knee joints and heartaches.

Ernest W. Culver-

We had a dog and cat that were elderly. The cocker was 12 and the cat was 17 years of age. Both did not move around much, and had accidents, which increasingly became more frequent. After mixing Arthy-Dex into their food, within a week we had two animals that moved around, and had accidents eliminated. Their quality of life increased. How much more will the minerals and vitamins help us? With the animals, we saw the change within days. With ourselves, it took longer to see the improvement, but improvement happened.

Elizabeth Doan-

Minerals, Daily, Calcium, EFA, Selenium, OPC-T

I am thirty-six years old and I have lived with pain since I was five. I lived with braces on my back from the ages five to fourteen. I had double curved Scoliosis. At the age of thirty-four, I was losing the feeling in my legs. Well, I had to let the doctors do surgery on my back. They put rods on ¾ of my spine. Eight months later they had to go back and redo my neck. It has been 2 ½ years now since my first surgery and I have been on the vitamins for six months. The vitamins have helped me so much. I still have a long way to go, but with the vitamins and minerals I know I can make it. My goal is to be pain free for once in my life. With the help of my husband, family, and Dr. Wallach; I think I will get there.

drive some days. I also did not have any energy. I’ve been on the Healthy Bone and Joint Pack for eight months and now I no longer take blood pressure, cholesterol or arthritis pain medication, and my Carpal tunnel is gone! I also have tons of energy and I feel great every day. I also had hemorrhoids for thirty years, and they were gone in eight weeks. Now my hair color is starting to come back, and I grow hair in my bald spot. I had forgotten what it was like to feel good. Thanks to Youngevity I will never forget again!

James Doan-

Healthy Start Pack, Enzymes, Selenium, C-fx, Daily, Oxy Body, Body cleanser, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand soap

I am a 54-year-old truck driver, who thought he was going to have to give up his job because of his health. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, I was overweight, arthritis in my feet and bones, and Carpotrummel in my hands. It was so bad that I could not

David Finkas-

After hearing Dr. Wallach on the radio, and exhausting my existing supply of vitamins, I purchased the Healthy Start Pack from Judy Bell. After the fourth day of taking the product I noticed and incredible change in how I felt. I had more energy, my appetite decreased, and I felt more alert. After three weeks my chronic bronchitis went away and has not re-occurred. I am 53 years old and have not felt this healthy and energized since I was 25 years old. The pain in my left knee is continuing to decrease. The dry skin on my elbows has gone away. It’s very apparent to me that supplementing my diet with this product have been the best thing to happen in my mid-life

Carol Gerber-

I had lower back pains for ten years. I had two back surgeries in 96’, and I still had back pain. I tried spa, magnet mattresses and pillow, invert a bar, electronic Rem machine, and other products for relief of pain. I received systematic relief at best. I went on a variety of vitamin programs to help maintain my health. In January 99’ I had open heart surgery 3 by-passes new aortic valve. I continued to have lower back pain. I tried to manage my diet as well. On November 10, I began Dr. Wallach’s Healthy Start Pack program. In six weeks my lower back pain began to leave, and now I have more than 90% less pain. I have lost 20lbs, and I went off of Blood Pressure Medicine. Numbness of my feet reduced over 50%. Now I am enjoying my health and I am very thankful to God for leading me to Dr. Wallach’s mineral programs, and blessing the mineral progress for health benefits now being enjoyed.

Louise Gerber-

My husband Carroll Gerber had excellent results from using your minerals. This inspired me to also take the products. I feel it’s helping my well being and health. I’m trying to take it faithfully every day.

Annie Green-

Big Healthy Start Pack, Sweet-Eze, EFA, Resolution, Resolution PM, Natures Whey

Well, I’ve been using the product off and on for about a year now. It did a lot for my conditions. When I go to my doctor, my blood pressure is normal, my sugar level is normal, and my legs and feet don’t swell as much as they did before. I feel so much better, because using the products keep me from wanting sweets and eating a lot of food that’s harmful to my body. Since it has done so well for me, I plan to continue using it forever.

Loraine Hunter-

The Healthy Bone and Joint Pack makes the pains and aches of arthritis go away. I can tell each day if I did not take it. My lower back is much stronger since I’ve been on these products. I started taking the Healthy Bone and Joint Pack seriously about eight months ago, and I truly can tell a difference.

Roger Hunter-

I started using the “Healthy Bone and Joint Pack” in December 97’. Within three months, I no longer had to hold onto stair banisters going up and down the stairs to support my arthritic knee, and the pain was gone. I had cortical artery surgery in 1989, because my cortices were severely blocked. Eight years later (1997), ultrasound evaluation showed they were again building up blockage to about 40%. I added the Ultimate Daily tablets to my nutritional program in March of 98’. I had another ultrasound evaluation in November 99’. The blockage had greatly reduced. The left cortical was completely open and the right one was only 10%. The product works well for cardiovascular disease!

Lauren Knievel-

Classic 1 ½ oz., Rainforest 1 ½ oz., EFA 2, Gluco Gel 4, Selenium 2, OPC-T 2, Calcium 4, Resolution 6-10,

Resolution PM 1 oz., Oxy Body 1 oz.. 3-4x a week, CFX as needed, Sweet Eze 4-6 as needed

I started taking the products while pregnant with my third child, (16 mos. now). I was in and out of the hospital for six weeks prior to her birth. I was put on horrible medication (NO LIE) that increased my blood pressure, and made me incredibly nervous. It gave me headaches, (migraines and cluster headaches), and I was unable to sleep. I was exhausted, irritable, and had a two year old son to take care of, while on strict bed rest at home. Life was difficult to say the least. She was born fine at six weeks early. I was told by my OBGYN that I should not have any more children and should have my “tubes tied.” Over two years later I was pregnant again. I was concerned as my husband desperately wanted more children. For the first 20 weeks everything went great. At 20 weeks I began having pre term labor. I knew where things were heading. We were at a seminar where Dr. Wallach was speaking. We were excited to hear his recommendation. Dr. Wallach indicated that I was needing more calcium. Immediately I added calcium to my classic and minerals. Within 24 hours I had significant improvement. The Dr. was writing prescriptions and I thought I was taking them providing the contractions had begun to subside. I didn’t want to tell him what I thought of his drugs! I stayed out of the hospital until the day he was born, three days early!! I failed to mention that at 12 weeks into my pregnancy, we were told our child had a 98% chance of being born with Down syndrome. We called Total Nutrition who contacted Dr. Wallach who advised we take the full Healthy Start Pack 2x a day. We named our son Noah, because Noah lived to be 958 years old. Most people with “downs” have a shorter life expectancy. We wanted to give him a name with great longevity. Noah was bornFebruary 3, 1999, incredibly beautiful and healthier then a horse. No signs of downs or a heart condition. Without Dr. Wallach, I hate to consider what could have been! God BlessAmerica…God bless Dr. Wallach!

Ralph Lahrman-

Healthy Start Pack, Ultimate Daily, Enzymes, Oxy Body

Prior to starting on the Healthy Start Pack I had severe pain in my shoulders and knees. After ninety days on the Healthy Start Pack I no longer have as severe pain. I can now lift my arms over my head with no problems. I can also walk two to three miles without knee pains and shortness of breath. I notice the difference immediately if I miss the Healthy Start Pack for two or three days. I am now trying the OPC-T to lower my cholesterol. I am not going for less than 200. Last results prior to OPC-T were 260. With Triglycerioes of 220.

Cathy Laird-

My daughter, Alyssa, was born with Cystic Fibrosis. While searching the Internet for possible ways to help her live a longer and healthier life, I came upon Dr. Wallach. After much research about Dr. Wallach’s “claims,” we tried the products, and have been so blessed by the results that I have started to share the Youngevity products with others. The most immediate effect was the Ultimate Enzymes: she used to have at least one major bellyache each day that would have her in tears. These were gone on the second day of Enzyme use, and she has had only two (that were much less intense) in the past two years. Long term results have included increased lung function, better hair growth, no more pain in her ears from loud noises, reversal of some scar tissue growth in her lungs, and more. She takes the Healthy Start Pack twice a day with extra Calcium, OPC-T, Selenium, and Oxy Aloe. Thank you, God, Dr. Wallach, and Youngevity!

Connie Lofstrom-

Healthy Bone and Joint Pack, Selenium, Enzymes, OPC-T, Sweet Eze

After attending Dr. Wallach’s seminar on February 1999 at C. Bola High (Arizona), I decided to once again try something for arthritis (lower back), severe acid reflux, hypoglycemia, and fibromyalgia. I’m happy to say I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my health problems and more energy.

Ann C. McFarland-

Arthry-Dex for my dogs, numerous others for myself

Arthry-Dex, can be credited with giving my twelve year old dachshund a renewed physically active life. He had been diagnosed as arthritic over a year ago. His pain was so bad on some days that he cried to be put on the couch or bed, then whined to be put down. After three months on arthry-dex, he began moving more freely. Although he still asked for help off the bed, he jumped up any time he wanted to. He now has full run of the house, and gets up and down at will. He also runs and plays with Mulan, my two year old Pekinese. I can honestly say that arthry-dex has given him the same benefits that many others and I have received from Youngevity’s Phenomenal Products.

Daniel T. Minear-

Everything except weight loss products

I used to have asthma, hay fever, enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, gray hair, and irregular sleeping habits, lack of energy, chronic back problems, and receding gums. 80% of these problems have gone away totally or subsided drastically in one year’s time by taking Youngevity products. I fully expect the other 20% will go away in the near future. Medical doctors helped me very little or not all with these problems. I spent thousands of dollars in the last thirty years time.

Terri Mooney-

Healthy Start Pack with MSM

Before I started the Healthy Start Pack, I was 70 lbs. overweight, and I had high blood pressure. I also have severe scoliosis. In July 2000, with my weight and back pain, I was hardly getting out of bed. I went to work and that was it. I was taking pain, blood, and migraine medications. My dad asked me to listen to this tape, and it took me awhile to listen to it. However, when I did I was shocked. I started the Healthy Start Pack in late August 2000. I was filling the papers out for disability, and I was thinking of surgery. Well, it has been seven months and I have a new life. I have lost 58 lbs. and the pain in my back is gone. I am not on any medication now. I’m so thankful, because now I’m starting my life with my husband and my children. Thanks to Dr. Wallach and my dad for finding these products!

Debra Morman-

Healthy Start Pack, Calcium, Enzymes, Rainforest

I started using the products about nine years ago. I was very concerned about Alzheimer’s disease. It was a family history disease. I listened to Dr. Wallach’s broadcast, and I was very interested in what he had to say. I listened for four months and then I decided to try the products. I had leg cramps, numbness in my arms and fingertips, and bad allergies. Which was all of the early warning signs of osteoporosis. I also worked out. I had pica, craved sweets, and my energy level was low. After using the products a couple of days, I noticed my energy level was great. I did not crave sweets any more. After about two to three months I noticed the numbness in my fingers and arms did not exist. After about six months I started using rainforest and enzymes, and my allergies practically disappeared. I am thoroughly pleased with these products. I will not be without them. Thank God for Dr. Wallach and Youngevity.

Elizabeth Nakata-

I am very excited about Dead Doctors. I have had osteoporosis, and my lower back hurt and my legs have bothered me from sitting for a long time. My lower back hurt and caused me pain. I have been on the vitamins and minerals since June 10th and my legs don’t bother me anymore. Also my back doesn’t hurt so I can sit longer without pain. I am taking the minerals and vitamins and I love them. I want to help people become healthy. I want to help our children become healthy also. The minerals and vitamins have all made sense to me from the beginning that I learned about Dead Doctors. My cravings for junk food are also going away.

Frank Nakata-

I found that I was having muscle cramps and joint pains. The stronger your muscles are, the more severe they can be. They would bring blood bruises to the surface of the skin. I tried to drink more water and take more vitamins. I checked with my Dr. and I took calcium to slow the night cramps. The Dr. recommended no more than 1500 mg per day. It did not work, because it was poor absorption. It forced me to use more and it didn’t alleviate the problem. Plus my High Blood pressure increased. After using the products I can notice the difference when I miss the timing of products.

Plus I missed two days of Blood pressure Medications driving here to the convention without problems of driving here at Colorado Springs Convention. There are many products on the market that don’t work. You can regulate your high blood pressure by how you feel.

Harold Neely-

Invision products, Laundry detergent, EFA, Classic, Minerals,Gluco-gel,Cal, Selenium, OPC-T, Daily, Cardio fx, Enzymes.

After taking these products I have noticed a lot of change. I have experienced weight reduction of 40lbs within eight months, and increased energy. I no longer had headaches, nausea, or black outs. I also no longer have pains in my right hip joint and knees.

Linda Pinkerton-

Classic, Rainforest, Daily, EFA,

OPC-T, Resolution PM, Cal, Invision Skin Enhancer

Having no particular health problems, I began using these products to maintain good health. I find that I have more energy and my general well being (physically and mentally) is really good. I talk with people everyday who had tremendous health problems and I’m glad to hear how the Youngevity products helped them. Oh yes, due to my skin problems as a teenager, my complexion is rough. After using Invision Skin Enhancer for six months, my skin is much smoother. This is exciting for me.

Joann Rarick-

Healthy Start Pack,OPC-T,Cal, Invision, progesterone cream

I started taking the Healthy Start Pack formula off and on for six months. I’m not a good one at taking pills and vitamins, even though I know it helps me. Even though I am pretty healthy, I feel Dr. Wallach has a great product. While I’m taking the product it makes me not hurt in the joints. So when I’m feeling better, I slack off until I start hurting again. I wish the ultimate and minerals taste as good as the Cheri-Mins, and Oxy Body. These can be taken down like water, with no problem. Just be more honest about the product. I’ve also started using the Laundry Detergent. I can see a great change in our clothes, and it’s not hurting the earth. I’ve been using the invision, and I love how it makes my body and skin feel.

Jeryl Reinbolt-

Healthy Start Pack, Invision Colloidal Skin Cream, Invision shampoo and conditioner

I first heard about these products last fall at a convention. Dr. Brian and Suzy MacCoy had an Youngevity booth set up right next to ours. Suzy gave me a “Good Doctor Bad Doctor” cassette. I’ll admit I wasn’t over enjoyed, but she was so nice I told her I would listen to it. I was in a long sales run (640 miles round trip) and I needed a diversion. I put it in and I couldn’t believe it. It was so interesting I listened to it three times through. I phoned Youngevity when I got home, and I signed up and ordered ½ Healthy Start Pack right away. I’ve been using many of the products ever since. Personally, I’ve had blessed relief from chronic muscle pain, and back pain. I have lots more energy as well. My hair is regaining pigments (I’m 50 years young). My varicose veins are subsiding, and for the first time I can actually grow fingernails! I want to help others regain youthful vitality and the quality of life the Lord Jesus meant us to have. I thank God for having led me to the Youngevity products.

Emily Rigdon-

Classic, Minerals, Rainforest, Gluco-Gel, EFA, Daily,Cal, Cardio-fx, Selenium, Enzymes, OPC-T, Sports Tech, Oxy Body, C-fx

I began with the products on11-15-98. I had a lot of stiffness in my upper body and I was eating mostly vegetarian. I gradually began eating the Youngevity way, and the products helped with my problems. I love the products and I share them with everyone.

Robert W. Rigdon-

Classic, Minerals, Gluco-Gel, EFA, Daily, Enzymes, C-fx, Sweet Eze, Selenium, OPC-T, Oxy Body, Sports Tech,Cal

I have been a diabetic for over seventeen years. In July 1999 I started on the products. My doctor put me on insulin one year ago. Since May of this year I’m off of insulin, but still on oral agents. I plan to get off these with our products help.

Russ Trierweiler-

Healthy Start Pack, Sweet Eze, Selenium,


I learned about Dr. Wallach at a seminar inYuma,Arizonain February 1999. I had just been diagnosed with diabetes, had developed arthritis in my right hand, and I had a cyst on my right cheek that was scheduled to be removed. I also had high blood pressure for most of my life. I started on the Healthy Start PackFebruary 16, 1999, and as of June 23,2000 my arthritis had cleared up, the cyst disappeared, my blood pressure is the best it has been in 40 years, and my blood sugar is being controlled.

Madeline Shandy-

If I knew I would need to write a testimonial on the benefits of Youngevity products. I would have brought my two typed pages I have written on the benefits to me, not to mention the benefits to the rest of the family. Within three days of the Healthy Bone and Joint Pack I no longer had leg cramps. For years and years I would wake up during the night with cramps. My husband would have to help me massage them. That was six years ago, and I have not had one since. Within two weeks, I had so much more energy and stamina than I thought possible. I was able to do more in the evening after work than be a couch potato laying there with my legs up, and hurting from the hips down. Over the next two years I had so many noticeable differences in my health, sometimes I didn’t even notice for months. No more post nasal drips, no headaches, not needing a tytenal for any aches or pains, vision better, no split fingers in the winter, and much more.

Steve Plog-

Ultimate Classic, Rainforest, Gluco-gel, Calcium, EFA, Selenium

My wife began taking the products for numerous problems she was having. The most urgent at the time was an inability to fall into a deep restful sleep at night. That very quickly changed and she has no trouble falling and staying asleep now. We’re trusting other symptoms will go away too. Including early graying, lack of energy, and generally low immune system.

Cathy Pallygus-

Ultimate Classic, EFA, Cheri-Mins

The biggest changes that I have noticed are a decrease in cravings, and an increase in energy.

Carlin Talcott-

Every product except Arthry-dex

My personal health was not in shambles, but it was not at the level I was used to in my younger years. I started using the products in February 1998, and my health and well-being have increased greatly. My hypoglycemia terminated with the use of Sweet Eze and the Healthy Start Pack. I gradually began use of the full range of products. My health and well-being have been greatly increased through the use of Dr. Wallach’s Youngevity Products.

Irene H. Jones-

Healthy Bone and Joint Pack, Cardio fx

I started with a Healthy Start Pack in December of 98’. I have arthritis in both hands, bent fingers, creaky knees, a hip that went out once in awhile. I had a heart attack in 1993, and I was on four medications and a heart patch. Within three weeks of starting, I had more energy. After five weeks my hands and fingers did not ache, and after seven weeks I noticed my knees did not hurt. I could get up and down without any problems. Six months later, still feeling great, my fingers had straightened out enough to make a fist or close my hand completely. My other joints are getting smaller as well. In October of 99’, I had a treadmill test, and I did great. Dr. took me off two medications and in my January checkup it went great. He took me off two more medications. In April of 2000, I was off the heart patch, and feeling great

Audrey O’Neal-

Classic, Mineral, EFA, Gluco-Gel, Selenium, Cardio fx, OPC-T, Ultimate Daily

I started taking the vitamins on December of ‘98. I started having more energy, and then I noticed the pain in my knees was gone. In about a year I was able to put my rings on my fingers because the swelling had gone down. My spider veins are slowly disappearing. My hair is getting thicker and the gray is slowly disappearing.

Frank Hall-

Healthy Start Pack “Classic”, OPC-T, UltimateCal, Ultimate Daily

I heard the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” tape and realized that plant derived minerals were the key nutrient missing from my diet. In spite of supplemental vitamins I was taking, my health continued to worsen. I attended Dr. Wallach’s lecture onNovember 3, 1998. I sampled the products and began with my first Healthy Start Pack. Within thirty days, my arthritic knees no longer squeaked and my neck no longer sounded like a sack full of gravel. I got so excited about my improved health, that I began telling everyone who would listen. Just that easily, I was soon into my own home- based business. During the last year and half, my sciatica and vertebral pain have gone away completely. My circulation has improved, and my blood pressure is 110/70. I sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and alert, and my energy level has gone up considerably. In summary, hearing the tape and attending the lecture was a life changing event for me.

Alice Faye Mizell-

I had no major problems, but I now have no more joint discomfort, and more energy. My husband has multiple sclerosis, and the products keep him going fourteen hours a day.

My mother had raging osteoporosis, and products have now kept her out of nursing homes. She is now a very productive individual. Bonnie Mizell is a college student, she no longer has PMS, and she has more energy. Boyd Mizell had allergies, asthma, and ADD. He has improved so much.

Arlene Talcott-

Ultimate, Cheri-mins, Cal, Sweet Eze, Enzymes, Gluco-gel, Selenium, Ultimate Daily, EFA, Cardio fx, Cfx, OPC-T

I started Dr. Wallach’s products onFebruary 6, 1999. I had had pneumonia a few months before and was hospitalized for it. I had continuous back pains, and I found it was degenerative disc disease. My immune system was in bad shape, and I was extremely fatigued. My orthopedic physician said I would be on anti-inflammatory medicines for most of my life. He also said that I wouldn’t be able to lift anything more than a few pounds, if that. The first thing I noticed was increased energy and after several months, 9 to 12, my back pain was gone and today I garden, mow the yard with a weed mower, and lift a normal amount as I had done earlier in my life. I am now enjoying life with lots of energy. The Lord has blessed my life with Dr. Wallach’s product!

Joann Lahrman-

Ferret Fat Pack, King Kong Cardio Pack, Healthy Bone and Joint Pack, Duck Diabetes Formula

Three years ago I first started using the Healthy Bone and Joint Pack, because of grinding knees. I no longer have that problem, and I feel better everywhere now. I am also a diabetic. In the last seven months I had a bad toe infection, and because of the circulation problem in my feet, I was told they would have to take my leg off below the knees. They knew of nothing else that would help. Dr. Wallach suggested what I should take, a diet to follow, using an O-zone machine to help promote circulation, and then taking chelation treatments. Thanks to Dr. Wallach I still have my foot and my leg, and I only lost my little toe. Thanks to all that had a helping hand. Also I know that the Lord was with me.

Cheri Hylla-

Ultimate Classic, Selenium

I haven’t been in the business very long, just since April 12th 2000. By taking these products it has already helped with that time of the month routine. The usual effects you usually have from that were not as bad. It was great. Also building the business isn’t that difficult. Just believe in the products, and the tapes will sell it for you, along with your enthusiasm of the products.

Scott Arnao-

Minerals, Ultimate, EFA, Gluco-gel, Selenium, Sugar Eze, Progesterone cream, Hard crème, Shampoo, laundry soap, Sports Tech, Anti-bacterial soap

I have been on the products for seven years. I have impaired myself numerous times with a nail gun, saw cuts, razor knife, falls, stress, and sleeping problems. 3-5 ounces of minerals, then I rub progesterone cream all over, and take EFA. I was on a hunting trip and I did not have any lunch, but the Minerals got me out of the woods. I have healed myself almost overnight by soaking in salt, water, and minerals. Minerals create a calming, clearness, and soothing effect. My hunting partner Randy Corriato has had his arthritic symptoms go away after being inside a week on trips. I could not or would not survive with any level of comfort without these products.

Chaille K. Shipps-

Tangy Tangerine, Rainforest, Ultimate Cal, Sweet Eze, EFA, Selenium, Gluco-gel

Taking Dr. Wallach’s Youngevity for the past two years has contributed significantly to the strengthening of my overall immune system. The evidence of my statement comes from recently completing a two-year intense degree competion program, while working under heavy stress. Not only did I achieve a lifelong goal by attaining a bachelor of science degree, but as the oldest member of my May 2000 graduating class. I did so with perfect attendance! Not once did I fall victim to some form of viral or bacterial “bug” for over two years; which I can attribute to faithfully consuming Dr. Wallach’s products

Glen Tallarek-

Ultimate, Minerals,Cal, Gluco-Gel, OPC-T, etc.

We were fortunate that we have had no significant chronic illnesses personally. So, when we began taking the products we did not expect to see much difference. However, almost immediately we began to notice that we had more energy, and our food cravings (munchies) greatly diminished. Whenever we would miss a few days, we really noticed a loss in the benefits. From our minimal experience (but extensive education) we have become strong believers in the products and the company. We have been involved with some other network marketing companies and we know that Youngevity has the best compensation plan, and the best nutritional products we have seen!

Tom Love-

After taking Dr. Wallach’s products for sixty days my arthritis was totally gone. Within another forty-five days my acid reflux disease was also under control so that I could stop taking prilosec. I was able to eliminate one inhaler totally and reduce another inhaler by 2/3.





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